The Western Los Angeles County Council has fantastic units delivering amazing program throughout the year. Popcorn exists to help units generate funds for an amazing program for every family.

Trails-End believes that every eligible youth should have the opportunity to experience the life changing adventures that Scouting offers. Trails-End also believes that a partnership with Scouts, Scouting Units, and Local Councils to make Scouting affordable is the best way to we can create a generation of ethical decision makers guided by the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Each year the Western Los Angeles County Council partners with Trails-End to sell popcorn to help units deliver the best possible program possible to our Scouts. In 2016, 86 WLACC units earned over $190,000 that helped provide transformative experiences for our youth.

We invite your unit leadership to come to a Unit Popcorn Orientation and Training to learn about the POWER of Popcorn and how it can help your unit.

Popcorn Benefits: