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Internet Advancement upgrade‏

April 18, 2011

For those of you that use the Internet Advancement program well it was just enhanced. If your Unit does not use the Internet Advancement program please come in to or call the AV Service Center so we can get your Advancement Chair trained to do this. It is a good way for you to see which boys are not registered and you can see what advancements or awards are not in the national’s data base. You see what we see when it comes to the adults and youth in your unit. So please take a minute to have someone in your unit to get trained on this program. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to be shown how to use this program.

The following advancements have been made this weekend.
Internet Advancement Enhancements: Internet Advancement, the online service for units submitting youth member advancement, has been enhanced with important new features. Among these are the following:

  • Youth Protection Training (YPT) completed date − The last YPT completed date from the person record, if any, is displayed on the Unit Roster report. The course code is included based on the unit program type.

  • View Previous Advancement Reports − This new feature provides access to the List of Reports Submitted for the unit. No longer will a unit have only one opportunity to get the advancement report online or be required to contact the council to obtain a prior report that was submitted.

  • Academic and Sports Belt Loops − Cub Scout packs may enter and submit the dates on which Belt Loops have been earned by pack members. This feature is available by Multiple Person Entry and individual entry.

  • Tiger Cub rank − Cub Scout packs may enter completion of the Tiger Cub rank for members who earned the award as a Tiger Cub but did not have it entered in their records.

Lisa Pennock | Lead Registrar/AV Office Manager
Western Los Angeles County Council/Antelope Valley District
42402 10th St. West | Suite G
Lancaster, CA 93534
P 661.942.0582 | F 661.723.1450


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