Council Advancement Committee Announcement

Forms to assist with special needs Scouts:

The National Advancement Team has just released two forms to assist with special needs Scouts.

Section 10 of the 2013 Guide to Advancement provides full information as to the various routes that Scouts, parents, or leaders may take in customizing the Scout's advancement path of which there are three:

  • For Scouts who have physical issues, we have alternate requirements which may be substituted for those requirements demanding physical activities. Using alternative Eagle required merit badges, we have the capability of adjusting likewise requirements for the lower ranks. For example, alternatives to the Swimming MB is Cycling or Hiking. we can substitute similar requirements for 2nd Class and 1st Class swimming requirements if it can be shown that the Scout cannot overcome his issue with water (note, again this is a physical issue and not fear of water issue in this specific case).

  • For those Scouts with a more severe issue (e.g. Down's Syndrome) that will cause them to exceed the needed age of eligibility (18 years old), a registration status is available to permit the Scout to take as much time as required to retain their youth status beyond age 18 in order to advance.

  • For Scouts who have learning issues (ADD, ADHD, etc.) and have an IEP with their school, we now have two documents which will align their Scouting educational experience with their IEP as tools so that they have both a classroom and field (Scouting) plan for learning, testing, reviewing, and recognition.

As with any of these, the earlier in the Scout's career that the parents, leaders, etc. submit these items to the council for consideration, the easier it is for all concerned, and prevents having 11th hour Eagle Scout extension requests, appeals, etc. which requires national review and approval. The more we can keep at the district and council levels, the better it is for all concerned as we have the most flexibility this way to help the Scout.

The new forms may be found at:

and are entitled: "Request for Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility, No. 512-935" and "Individual Scout Achievement Plan, No. 512-936". The files on the National Council website are Word (.DOC) documents. They can also be downloaded here as PDF files:

Request for Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility     Individual Scout Achievement Plan

Also, here is a link to the Guide to Advancement 2013, No. 33088 on the National Council website.

It is incumbent upon all of us who are involved with advancement to be familiar with the Guide to Advancement Section 10 so that when Scouts, parents, unit leaders, and other parties inquire, we can provide accurate information to them.

Please pass this information on to commissioners and units, as well as providing this information through whatever means is available to get it to parents and Scouts (i.e. roundtables, district newsletters, etc.).

Thank you for all you do for Scouting.

Yours in Scouting,
Larry D. Lynch
CAC Chair