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Friends of Scouting

A Boy Who journeys along the Scouting trail will experience much more than the destination.  As he makes decisions along the way from one adventure to the next, he develops life skills and timeless values that will be his moral compass forever. The adventure will lead him over many paths and trails helping him become a better citizen a leader with skills in cooperation, respect of himself, and a firm foundation of ethical behavior. 

How do you support our youth in their “Scouting Journey”? You are helping them with advancement, driving for an outing, encouraging them, volunteering as a leader, or just being there when they needs someone to talk to. And while doing any, of these things, you can be a Friend of Scouting.

“Friends of Scouting” is the annual campaign to financially support local Scouting.  It costs $260 per youth to deliver a quality Scouting program. Some of this cost includes: five Cub Scout and Boy Scout Camp properties; Council Activities such as Cub/Parent weekends and Scouting for Food; training programs for all volunteers; Council Staff – who support and serve 7,000 volunteers; and covering the cost of those individuals who are financially challenged. 

Your participation in the Friends of Scouting Campaign is an investment in maintaining and improving the quality of the Scouting program our youth receives, helping expand the Scouting program, and thereby improving the world. The amount you give should be based on your belief in and commitment to Scouting and your financial ability. Give our youth your support by funding the Scouting program with your pledge!!

   Please Donate Now to Friends of Scouting  

 To get more information about Friends of Scouting or
to schedule a Friends of Scouting presentation contact:

 Antelope Valley District Office
email address - AVService@bsa-la.org
42402 N. 10th Street W. Suite "G"
Lancaster, CA. 93534


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