Cub Scout Camping

Cub Scout Day Camp
For Palmdale Day Camp
Day camp is an organized five day program for Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts conducted by all districts in our Council under certified volunteer leadership at approved sites. Volunteer parents are required in order to help the program run smoothly. Adults may volunteer for any number of days. Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts may choose to attend more than one Day Camp and may sign up for the Day Camp in any district. They are assigned to a den appropriate to their grade to participate in the activities. Day camps do not include any overnight activities.

Cub/Parent Weekends
There are four opportunities in the year to attend a Cub/Parent Weekend, two in the Spring and two in the Fall. The Spring programs are different than the Fall programs. The camp is held at Camp Josepho and is led by volunteer certified leadership. Camp runs Friday evening to Sunday morning. Each Cub Scout or Webelos Scout must be accompanied by one parent. Participants will be grouped together with other youths from their Pack.

Cub Family Fun Weekends
There are two Family Fun Weekends held at Camp Josepho. One is held in July and the other in August. Both programs are the same. The program runs Friday evening to Sunday morning. The Cub Scout or Webelos Scout is accompanied by his family. There are activities for all ages. The program is run by the same volunteer certified leadership that runs the Cub/Parent Weekends.

Cub Scout Resident Camps
This program will be run at Camp Josepho. There are four sessions to choose from. Leadership for the program is certified by the BSA National Camp School and is supplemented by a volunteer staff. The camp runs Monday morning to Wednesday morning or Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon. The program is open to Cub Scouts (entering 2 and 3 rd grade in the Fall), who must be accompanied by a parent. They will participate in crafts, cooking, short hikes and nature walks, activities from the Wolf and Bear Book and earning the Archery and BB shooting belt loops.

Webelos Scout Resident Camps
There are two sessions for Webelos Scout dens to attend camp together as a group. The camp will be held at Camp Josepho and runs Monday morning to Friday morning. The Webelos Den (4-12 boys) will be accompanied by a minimum of two adults. Activities include Archery and BB shooting belt loops, swimming, crafts, cooking, long hikes and nature programs. Several Activity Badges will be completed. Leaders of the camp program are BSA National Camp School certified assisted by volunteer staff who help with the daily program.

Cub Scout Family Camping
Cub Scout Packs may organize family camping at any of our council’s camps. Just call the Camping Dept. 818/785-8700 ext. 121 to make a weekend reservation for one of these camps: Camp Josepho (Pacific Palisades). If you wish to go further afield, call ext. 130 to make a reservation for Camp Emerald Bay (Catalina Island), Camp Whitsett (Sequoia National Forest).

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